Translucent Semi-Opaque

Perfect for the effects you are looking for but don’t know how to get them.

  • Clear Smoke
  • Clear Blue
  • Clear Yellow
  • Clear Green
  • Clear Orange
  • Clear Red
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Perfect For

  • Used in military model making
  • change chroma, intensity, saturation or vividness of paint coats
  • subtly warm up colours
  • change tint of main coat
  • increase saturation of colours
  • correct overly dusty results or greyed down look
  • adjust colours and warm them up
  • use TAMIYA Lacquer for thinner coats
  • reinvigorating a finish


  • change colour of certain panels, plates or surfaces
  • create streaks
  • enhance colour modulation
  • Use TAMIYA X-20A for a slight matt effect
  • apply shades to create contrasting colourization
  • sheen paints produce complements and assists later weathering stages
  • Use Clear Smoke to post-shading creating shadows and darker areas. Creates differentiation between various panels, plates and other surfaces.


  • Mist over gentle coats of clear to watch it come back to life
  • Use Smoke in very thin coats to trace along seam lines and joints with an airbrush to build up successive layers to make shadows and streaks
  • Ideal shade for stippling at very low air pressure using an airbrush replicating oil spots and specks of dirt.
  • Use in successive layers to give the impression of newer, less exposed surfaces.

Glass Work

Armoured Glass and Traditional Glass Work

Use to tint armoured glass with an airbrush applying a thin coat mist. Over spraying the glass produces subtle covered. Use Green and a hint of Smoke, test on clear sprue to determine desired look. The result will be a greenish transparency depicting armoured glass.

For indicators, convoy and other lights Red, Orange and Green is used.

One may use a brush to apply the shades, however it is best to use an airbrush for the best results.

Car Modeller

These shade have many uses adding realism to cars, trucks, all sorts of domestic and recreational scale models.

Perfect for making Tintened glass to other effects such as a sunshield band along the top of a windshield.

Remember for a sun shade or sun-shield ban paint the inside of the transparent ‘glass’ surface part for a smooth realistic effect..



Paint the lens with silver before applying TAMIYA Clear Colours for an outstanding reflective, authentic translucent lens look. Use Smoke around the edges to produce a shadow effect.