Though you would be interested in a followup of the experiment using the Tamiya Semi Gloss on the sponson of the Mk. I Male.

If anything it is challenging to apply because it was almost invisible to the eye, the application area appearing ‘wet’ for a brief second or two as the nozzle moves along the surface.

The paint cup was empty so I knew I sprayed it somewhere, not seeing any evidence of it other than smell at the time, after it dried you can feel it on the surface and what I like best is, one can’t see it.

Notice how the Black & White creates amazing depth and volume. These are actual colour images of a black and white underpainting process.

Can’t tell them apart?…the semi gloss is the left sponson.

Though you would like to see the result and a side by side comparison.

Mk. I Male Sponson Bottom

View from bottom.

Mk. I Male Sponson Side

Side view.

Mk. I Male Sponson Top

Top view.