TAMIYA Acrylic Paint XF – FLAT

HOBBIES+BEYOND Tamiya 10ml Bottle Colour Coded CapsThese convenient 10ml (1/3oz) bottles of paints for hobby use are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are completely safe. Can be used on most common model plastics such as styrol resin and styrofoam. Paint can be washed away with plain water if done prior to curing. Available in glossy, flat, translucent colours, plus an exclusive thinner and a flat base.

The handy bottle size reduces waste, doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy to work with. Colour references are reproduced as accurately as possible, thus must be considered a guide. Colours may be mixed to produce outstanding results.

Clear paints are used for translucent coats of the ‘finish’ layer to preserve underpainting and preshading effects.


Paint Tip: AFVs often look to have a flat paint finish when they usually have a satin finish. Dust and dirt coating the vehicle gives the impression of a flat and muted finish. To achieve a realistic look add Clear Semi Gloss to the colour you are using, or protective light coats covering the applicable surfaces using Clear Semi Gloss to preserve ‘shiny’, cleaner vehicle surfaces, such as those created by wind or crew movement; while other surfaces have weathering pigments such as dust, enamel washes, filters or Buff (earth – dust) colour applied to replicate dusty areas for additional realism. Remember enamel based washes ‘wick’, spreading where you don’t want it, when used on flat paint of any type. Clear Semi Gloss produces a beautiful, durable ‘workable’ surface.

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