Tamiya Paint Retarder (Acrylic) 40ml | 87114


Create a better paint finish. Slows the drying time of acrylic paints.

Helps prevent airbrush tip dry. Reduces paint dust in closed in areas of a model such as a turret or aircraft/navel vessel interior.

Mix with acrylics for painting by brush.


Tamiya Paint Retarder will make acrylic paint dry slower, enabling a smoother finish whether you airbrush Tamiya Acrylic paint or brush it onto a model.

  • It can be used up to a 1:10 ratio with Tamiya Acrylic Paints.
  • It helps to lessen the chance of painting a grainy surface on your model.
  • It helps reduce paint dust where air vortexes are created like inside a turret.
  • Also, it is ideal for painting glossy finish surfaces.

1 bottle contains 40ml. Use one drop to 10 drops of acrylic paint/thinner/reducer. One bottle can be used for about 800 airbrush applications using 1 drop to 10 drops or 0.5ml of said paint formulation. Remember 20 drops equals 1 ml.

Paint goes a long way when using an airbrush working in layers for a perfect finish.

An airbrush can pay for itself in the savings of paint supplies, solvents, reducers and thinners. A little care goes a long way.

Advanced scale modellers use up to a 1:10 ratio, one drop paint up to 10 drops of TAMIYA Acrylic Paint Retarder.

Tamiya Stainless Steel Stirrers with the mini spoon end work exceptionally well or Pipettes.

There is science behind it.  [wp-svg-icons icon=”lab” wrap=”span”]