Luftwaffe WWII Camouflage Colours RLM Late


The Luftwaffe (German Air Force) changed their camouflage colour during 1942 going to a series of grays. This was particularly true for the Fighter aircraft.

Bomber and maritime aircraft generally retained the green on green camouflage but there were exceptions. Check your references!

These colours are available separately.

Acrylic Mini XF-26 Deep Green – 10ml Bottle | 81726
Acrylic Mini XF-61 Dark Green – 10ml Bottle | 81761
Acrylic Mini XF-23 Light Blue – 10ml Bottle | 81723
Acrylic Mini XF-27 Black Green – 10ml Bottle | 81727
Acrylic Mini XF-62 Olive Drab – 10ml Bottle | 81762
Acrylic Mini XF-54 Dk Sea Gray – 10ml Bottle | 81754

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