Tamiya Acrylic Paint X-35 Semi Gloss Clear 81535


Tamiya X-35 Semi Gloss Clear 10 ml.

A finish coat with a lower level of shine than Gloss clear.

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Tamiya acrylic paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush painting or air-brushing.

These paints can be used on styrene resins, Styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics.

The paint covers well, flows smoothly, and can be blended easily. Prior to curing, paint can be washed away with plain water.

When airbrushing make sure to use any of the following Tamiya acrylic paint thinners:

How To Use TAMIYA Acrylic Paint

  • X designated colours have a Glossy Finish.
  • XF designated colours are Flat Finish.
  • The paint can be thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya X-20A Acrylic thinner.
    • The paint can be also thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.
    • Using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner will yield faster drying results and a harder finish.
  • For better paint brushing results use Tamiya Paint Retarder (87114) for a smoother airbrush finish on complex surfaces helping to prevent airbrush paint dust caused by swirling conflicting air vortexes, and when using a brush for a brushstroke free finish.
  • To protect Underpainting,, Preshading, Zenithal Light Effects, Colour Modulation, Illumination By Panels, Spotlight Technique or Black & White and Weathering applications using gray scale gradient and shading effects use Acrylic Mini X-35 SG Clear – 10ml Bottle Semi Gloss Clear.

Thin Tamiya Acrylic paints with recommended thinners. There is science behind it.
Prior to curing, paint can be washed away with plain water. Change your mind or want to repaint an existing model after the acrylic paint has cured? It’s easy with “plastic friendly” Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.

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