Atlas Model Railroad HO Code 100 Super Flex Track 36″ ATL168


Atlas Model Railroad HO Code 100 Super Flex Track 36″ ATL168

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HO Code 100 with black ties and nickel silver rail.

Super-Flex Track is Atlas’ most popular product, known worldwide for its versatility and, of course, its flexibility.

What makes Atlas Super-Flex Track so unique is that unlike many other types of curvable track which tends to kink when flexed, Atlas’ can be formed and re-formed until you arrive at the desired shape.

Like all Atlas track, Super-Flex is a high quality track made with injection-molded plastic and premium nickel silver rail.

Atlas’ Super-Flex Track is a product you will enjoy using as you create your model railroading masterpiece.

Super-Flex Track comes in approximately 36″ (3 feet) sections, and can easily be bent and shaped to form curves of any radius.

Ideal for realistic spiral easement curves. It can be cut to any needed length with any saw.


36″-pieces of HO flexible track.

Track is so flexible it may be used as straight or curved, though it is straight while in its natural state.

Nickel silver rails and black ties that resemble wood.

Track pieces are sturdy, well crafted, bendable to the side, and realistic.

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Dimensions 90 × 3.8 × .75 cm