Revell PT-109 Patrol Torpedo Boat 1/72 Scale Model Kit 85-0310


A PT boat (short for patrol torpedo boat) was a torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the United States Navy in World War II. It was small, fast, and inexpensive to build, valued for its maneuverability and speed but hampered at the beginning of the war by ineffective torpedoes, limited armament, and comparatively fragile construction that limited some of the variants to coastal waters.

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PT-109 is immortalized as the boat commanded by John F Kennedy. PTs were powered by three twelve-cylinder Packard engines, and equipped with four torpedo tubes, machine guns, and an anti-aircraft gun. Without ceremony or christening, she was lowered into Newark Bay in July, 1942; two months later her baptism under fire took place in the Guadalcanal war area.
Waterslide decals are included.
Four torpedo tubes, two twin .50 caliber machine guns, a 20mm cannon,a life raft, four crew figures, and three rudders, propellers and shafts are all included.
Contains clear assembly instructions with a detailed synopsis of Kennedy’s exciting and dangerous voyage.
Includes a display stand.

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