Airfix Admiral Graf Spee 1/600 Scale Pocket Battleship Model Kit 04211


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This is a vintage Airfix kit of the German Admiral Graf Spee German Pocket battleship. Kit was first released in 1971 and is to 1/600 scale. The original Graf Spee was launched in 1936 and supposedly was built to meet the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, which were clearly exceeded. At the beginning of WWll, the ship was in the South Atlantic and commenced commerce raiding right after the declaration of war.  Graf Spee was extremely effective in this role as there was nothing that could stand against it. The Royal Navy put together a task force of light cruiser to stop this ship and succeeded in damaging it so badly that the Graf Spee sought protection in a neutral port. After three days the ship was forced to leave the Barbour and was scuttled rather than face the British forces gathering to ensure that this ship would not make the high seas again. This was the first defeat for Nazi Germany in WWll, and started the process of Adolf Hitler’s decision to abandon a German High Seas Fleet., This previously owned kit has been carefully examined ti ensure it is complete and unstarted.

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